Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! We ship worldwide and always aim to find the best shipping services, combining quality service with lower prices. UPS recently got added to the shipping options, which is the best option when comparing price, quality and delivery times.

What is a break?

A break is a chance to collect cards from your favorite teams and sets! A break is either a random team/player or a pick your team/player type of break. 

I have bought into a break, what happens next?

Once you have bought a spot in a break, you need a little bit more patience until it's sold out! Once it is sold out, we go live on Twitch and YouTube to open the boxes. 

I have watched the break, how do I get my cards?

You can request shipping for breaks here! Add it to your cart, and during checkout you can select your preferred parcel courier. 

The shipping costs are too high for the cards I hit, what now?

We store your cards safely and don't mind keeping it safe until you decide to get it shipped out! Feel free to wait until you bought a sealed box or joined more breaks before requesting a shipment. 

I joined breaks through different accounts, can the cards still ship together?

No need to worry, cards are stored away based on the combination of the first and last name. It is no problem if you used two different emails at checkout, they will still ship out together once shipping has been requested.

I have requested shipping for my cards, how fast do they get here?

We ship out cards from breaks 1 or 2 times a week. Depending on the selected courier, shipping times can range from 1-5 days to 2-3 weeks. Regular priority/tracked takes longer, while UPS and DHL Express are faster options.

I bought a sealed box, when will it arrive?

We ship sealed boxes daily. For international parcels, we always recommend choosing UPS. That's the best option when you want it as soon as possible but don't want to break the bank on shipping costs.

Can I combine a sealed box with cards from the breaks?

Yes! We usually know our breaks customers quite well! When we ship out sealed boxes, we always check if they have any cards with us. 

The box arrived with damage, what do I do now?

Please take pictures before opening if the box arrived damaged, and contact us via email! We always make sure they ship out in the best condition possible, with bubble wrap or any other form of protection inside.

The contents are damaged, how can we solve this?

Please send us pictures via email. We will try to find a solution together.

Can I return my items and get refunds?

Due to the fluctuating prices in the market, we do not allow returns. We only offer (partial) refunds under very rare circumstances, after discussing with the customer.